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Small piece of France in the Caribbean, St. Barth is an island with a tormented relief and devoid of source of drinking water. Its multifaceted charm takes a little time to complete the tour. To successfully complete his visit a few practical tips.


The official language of Saint-Barthélemy is French. English is also spoken to facilitate tourist exchanges. The traditional languages are still very common, the patois more commonly heard in the “leeward” part and the Creole in the “windward” part of the island. These dialects vary, as does the accent, depending on the neighborhood. The Swedish period, which lasted nearly a century, left no traces of language.

€ Currency

Since 2002 Saint Barth has adopted the Euro as the rest of the European Union. The US dollar is widely accepted. International payment cards are widely accepted.


On Saint-Barth, the voltage is 220 volts and the frequency is 60 Hz, against 220V-50 Hz in metropolitan France and 110V-60 Hz in the United States. Most hotels and villas have 220V-110V transformers.


Potable water

St. Barth is a dry island with no natural source of drinking water. The island’s running water comes from the desalination of sea water. In this process of separating salt from sea water by evaporation, water also loses all its minerals, Making it unfit for human consumption. It is therefore remineralized before being transferred to a large reservoir at high altitude, and redistributed to consumers by gravity.

The first seawater desalination plant appeared on the island in 1972. It could produce up to 50 liters per day at the time. Since then, the island has grown considerably and demand for water has increased in parallel. In 2009, production was 4,300 m3 / day, but water remains a valuable commodity to consume in a responsible manner, without wasting unnecessary and in moderation. In the past, rainwater once supplied public tanks that can still be seen in some neighborhoods. This collection of rainwater is still very widely used in recent dwellings. These private cisterns, generally disposed in the foundations of houses, furnish a large part of the consumption of the inhabitants.



To call Saint-Barth :

  • From France: the ten digits of the correspondent
  • From the rest of the world: 00 + 590 + the ten digits of the correspondent

To make a call from Saint-Barthélemy :

  • France: the 10-digit number of the correspondent
  • United States: 001 + correspondent’s number
  • Europe: 00 + country code + correspondent’s number
  • Sint-Maarten: 001 + 721 + the number of the correspondent


Internet / Wifi

Most restaurants put a wi-fi terminal at the disposal of their clientele. The Capitainerie also proposes its terminal wifi private to all the passengers of boats anchored in the harbor of Gustavia.


Local hour

St. Barth is in the time zone of the Caribbean: UTC / GMT -4h

  • Metropolitan France: – 6h in summer; -5h in winter
  • America (Atlantic Standard Time): + 1 hour
  • Japan: – 1 pm
  • Australia: – 2 pm
  • Africa: – 5h
  • Russia: – 8h


Sun & Health

Come to Saint-Barth always triggers this singular excitement that comes from the Caribbean destination and its promise to live all the year under the sun.
To take advantage, some precautions must be respected:

  • Wear light clothing;
  • Have yourself a sunscreen (index 40 and +);
  • Wear a hat or cap, and sunglasses for the most sensitive and the smallest;
  • Think of hydration regularly, to allow the body to better support the heat;
  • Always keep a bottle of water, especially with children who tend to dehydrate faster than adults;
  • For a day at the beach, think of bringing a parasol because the sun can be very strong in the middle of the day, and a simple hat is not enough to protect itself;
  • In the early afternoon, choose a beach area in the shade;
  • Concerning the mosquitoes and according to the ad hoc warnings of the local authorities it will be necessary to be protected with the appropriate repellents.
  • The medical coverage of the island is modern and efficient with a network of efficient health professionals (doctors, pharmacies,).

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