South and Central Thailand usually aren’t affected by the burning season so make sure you plan your trip accordingly to avoid this time. This season is punctuated with Songkran, also known as the ‘Water Festival’, the largest water fight you’ve ever seen, providing cool relief on the streets of every town, city and village in Thailand! In terms of prices, the hot season is considered the ‘shoulder season’, which means that prices are lower than the high season and towards May, you may get some bargains on hotels and trips. The cool seasonoccurs during November to February with bright sunny days and very little rain. On average, temperatures across the country are around 25 degrees during this time, so it certainly can’t be considered ‘cold’ to most people. The ancient cities of Ayutthaya and Sukhothai are well worth visiting, with Ayutthaya being possible as a day trip from Bangkok.

For what it offers the place is one of the must Thailand places to visitwith your loved ones. The country is prone to monsoons from July to October with the heaviest rainfall taking place from August to September when flash flooding is most common. The cooler winter months are from November to February which is the most pleasant time of year to visit the country.

#2: Phuket: A Tropical Thai Treasure

Situated only 3 miles from Bangkok, Khao Yai National Park is made up of rainforests, evergreen forests, and open grasslands. Wildlife sightings are rare, but visitors can enjoy the bat cave and the many beautiful waterfalls. Some of the park’s hiking trails can only be accessed in the company of a guide, but more than 30 miles of trails are open to visitors with or without guides. There are several bungalows within the park, but these need to be booked well in advance and most guests stay in one of the hotels or guesthouses located right outside of the park. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991, the Huai Kha Khaeng Wild Life Sanctuary is part of the largest protected wildlife area in mainland Southeast Asia.

Best Cities in Thailand for Vacations

just because we were hoping we could fit thailand in as well . If you want to include some beach time as well, then maybe spend 4 days in Chiang Mai and go to, say, Koh Phangang for 3 days . Things are more expensive in the south, particularly along the coasts and on the islands. Prices on Phi Phi Island, for instance, have drifted towards the mid-range, with dorm beds costing around $20 and a basic private room at least around $40. Even a budget traveler might see their expenses approach $50/day in the south, depending on season and location.

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On that note, Thailand is considered to be the Land of Smiles, and with good reason. The local people are, generally, as happy and hospitable as can be. Provided travelers are conscientious and respectful, Thailand can easily become a home away from home. Undoubtedly these places are some of the best honeymoon destinations.

The most famous temple Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep lies just outside the city on a hilltop overlooking Chiang Mai – head here for a fantastic view. Here you can take in the delights of the market by boat, floating around peacefully. Not far from Bangkok lies the historic Ayutthaya; once the largest city in the world back in 1700!

Wildlife watchers should definitely have Khao Sok National Park at the top of their list of the best places to visit in Thailand as it is home to elephants, sun bears, gaurs, and many other wild animals. Waterfalls abound, and adventurous travelers can walk through up to three feet of water as you explore Cave Underwater, a cave that stretches 400 meters as water flows between both ends. There is also the always popular Cheow Lan Lake where you absolutely must see the luxury tents and floating raft houses. Scenery and nature are at their finest in Khao Sok National Park, and you’ll surely regret it if you pass by without a visit. While Koh Lanta is truly a hidden gem in Thailand, it won’t be for long. Koh Tao has an irresistible charm with excellent nightlife, plenty of Thai and international restaurants and stunning lookouts.

  • The weather gets warmer through March and April when the rains start.
  • Koh Samui has a laid-back and casual vibe (très different from Phi Phi or Phuket).
  • Then make a plan to go to Thailand for your long waited honeymoon trip.
  • This is a flexible vacation package to Thailand with daily departures from anywhere in the USA or Canada.
  • It’s a national park with very limited food options, but you’ll practically have the beach to yourself.

Even though it’s just a spec on the map, Tonsai is truly heaven for hippies. This spot is often thought of as an island because you can only access it by boat but it is, in fact, on the mainland. Its massive karst backdrop prevents it from being accessed by a road and that’s one reason why it’s such a haven. There is no cars that pollute this paradise, only a handful of hotels and guesthouses, a few bars and eateries, and one long beach. All of the bars are funky and exude hippy vibes, and you may even find some hallucinogens there.

Thailand is a world renowned destination for its beaches, mountains, culture, and food. It’s at the top of most traveler’s wish list, and it’s easy to see why it’s grown in popularity. Thailand is also a country whose economy and infrastructure is focused on tourism. Because of this, many visitors feel frustrated with the atmosphere and often complain that they feel like walking ATMs.

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